Your quilting material is the foundation of your quilting project so it is very important to choose the right one. There are many things to consider when choosing a quilting material, one of which is color. With hundreds of colors to choose from, you can start with your favorite color and choose fabrics in that shade that are lighter and darker to make a classic monochromatic quilt. If you would like a multi-colored quilt but you are not sure which colors will go well together, simply look for a fabric you like that has different colors and use those colors to guide you in your choice of quilting material.

Another important thing to think about is the type of quilting fabric. There are many choices from polyester to flannel. The most common quilting material is 100% cotton. Many quilters choose cotton because it is durable, easy to quilt, soft, and often its color does not bleed. Compared to polyester or blend fabrics, cotton fabrics keep their shape and color so it makes perfect quilting material for quilted items you can use a long time.
Flannel is another great fabric. It is warm and soft, which is ideal for baby quilts.

For those looking for unique quilting material, you can shop for a designer fabric that incorporates your particular style. There are hundreds of fabric designers you are sure to find one that will suit your taste. Another sure way to make a fun quilt is to choose a novelty or themed quilting material. These types of quilts make great conversation pieces. Again, there is a vast selection of novelty styles and themes such as animals, food and beverages, sports, beach, for girls only and etcetera. It all depends on your preference but of course make sure the theme suits the purpose of the quilt. For instance, someone who does enjoy sports will be the best person to appreciate a sports-themed quilt.

Perhaps the most important tip when choosing a quilt material is to go with what you like. Do not be afraid to experiment, be more creative and just have fun making your project.

The most important thing to do with all the collection of fabrics that you have is to make sure that they are clean. To wash fabric soak it first in cold water and use a delicate soap suitable for soft fabrics. Rinse the quilting material and put in the spin dryer or simply hang. Once dried, stretch the corners of the quilting material just enough to straighten it a bit and then iron to make sure it is wrinkle-free before starting to quilt.

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