Patchwork Layers

Patchwork quilting has been around in America since the colonial times.  Using leftover fabric or old clothes that were no longer usable.  Now people are doing patchwork quilting for fun and have made it into an art form. People like to use fine fabrics and create detailed stitching and beautiful designs on their quilts.

In this paragraph I will explain about the construction of the quilt.  There are normally  three layers of fabric in patchwork quilts. Firstly, there is the Top layer it is  the patchwork layer where the beautiful fabrics are used. Secondly,  the Middle layer is used as insulation and is called batting or wadding it is where the warmth comes from.  Thirdly, the Third layer is the backing and normally a plain fabric is used.  In conclusion, the  three layers are stitched together to make the patchwork quilt.  Stitching around the shapes it has to be quilted closely as it is what holds the layers together.  After the three layers are together a binding is added to the edges of the quilt.  This can be in a contrast fabric or one used in the quilt.

American Patchwork Quilting

American patchwork quilting –  you will see that there is great variety in the types of quilting.  Different ethnicity prefer different fabrics and designs for their patchwork quilting. Native American patchwork quilting is unique because of incorporating so much of the Native American culture in its design. The Morning Star quilts are well known for their eight pointed star design.

The Amish patchwork quilting is known for the beautiful geometric designs.   If you ever get down to Lancaster you will see lots of amish quilts.  I have bought many quilting books on Amish quilts.  I am definitely going to try these colours!  African American patchwork quilting is known for the contrasting colors and large appealing patterns.  The Hawaiian patchwork quilting is different because of its classical pattern in a circular repeated sequence. This type of quilting is called the “Snowflake” and it consists of only two or three colors.

Western patchwork quilting presents a look that seems to embody ranching life. You can find fabric for western quilts that have horses, cowboy boots, cacti, and even cowboys on them. This fabric makes it easy to portray life on a ranch. It is becoming evident there is  more personal style in each persons patchwork quilting.  You will see that quilting is becoming  more of an art.

If you want your new quilt to have an older look, there are fabrics available with civil war prints or even designs of the 30s and 40s.   These  fabrics are called reproduction fabrics.

Amish Quilt

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